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Did You Know?

Hail has the potential to be one of the most damaging forms of weather. For roofing contractors, insurance companies and public adjusters, knowing exactly where and when a hailstorm has struck means you are ready to leap into action. With HailWATCH, we can provide you with detailed hail reports, including a comprehensive hail map showing the date, direction and size of hailstorms in your area, or across the nation. If monitoring hailstorms is important for your business, than you need HailWATCH to keep you apprised of when and where hailstorms strike. You can count on the precision of storm reports from HailWATCH.

Time Is Money

HailWATCH provides up to the minute hail reports, so you can know right away where hail has been reported. We can even provide instant hail alerts sent directly to you, meaning you and your business can be ready to act in a matter of minutes. We even offer access to our archived storm reports, allowing you to research hail activity in a given region across a span of years. After all, knowing the hail history of an area can tell you what to expect in the future. Don’t be left out in the cold the next time hailstorms roll around. From pea-sized pellets to softball-sized stones, with HailWATCH at your service, you will always be the first to know when hail comes to town.

Precision Data

Our data is compiled and filtered from a variety of sources including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the nation’s authority on weather activity. You can trust that our hail reports will provide you with nothing less than fast and accurate storm reports. Our hail tracker services are invaluable for businesses that need to be kept aware of hailstorms across the nation. From insurance companies who want to get a head start on claims from hail damage, to roofers who are there to repair homes and businesses, knowing exactly when a hailstorm strikes is a huge advantage. We will provide you with a comprehensive hail map, including the locations of hailstorms, direction and speed of the hail swath, and the estimated maximum size of the hailstones themselves.

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