Two-part winter storm brings hail stones to Kansas City

This week's strong weather system continues to make its way toward the East Coast, but before that it caused its share of damage to the Midwest.

On one half of the weather system, homeowners near the Great Lakes saw between 12 to 18 inches of snow, while in Kansas City, Missouri, residents faced a hail storm that lasted long enough to raise questions if it was a hail sighting or snow storm, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

To make matters even more alarming, this weather front had the potential to bring tornadoes, 60 miles per hour winds and heavy rains. For those that live in Kansas City's Northland neighborhoods: Thursday's storm definitely had hail damaged areas.

Precipitation that fell in parts of Tiffany Springs, local Highway 152 and Weatherby Lake ranged between dime to quarter-sized hail stones. According to a local Hearst Television affiliate, the hail storm "blanketed portions of the Kansas City Northland," which likely raised confusion if it was a typical snowstorm or hail event.

Property owners who were under the severe thunderstorm watch may want to carefully examine if they to file a claim to insurance companies to repair these losses.

Those who want to make the most out of their estimate and claim can benefit from a hail map. These documents has information on size of the hail storm in a specific location and the strength of wind gusts during the event — knowing exactly how fast the hail stones were traveling can provide evidence on the severity of the damage property

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